About Us

The History of Kelly and Her Cannoli

Kelly is an East Coast girl who grew up immersed in the local Italian culture. She spent over 10 years working in Italian Restaurants and hours in kitchens learning family recipes. Back East, homemade cannoli were a part of every cultural event and celebration. In 1988, Kelly learned the art of making authentic Sicilian Cannoli and has carried that recipe with her into her own business many years later.

Kelly moved with her family to Seattle, WA in 1999. In 2012, while spending time with another east coast transplant friend, she asked a very important question, “If Seattle is the Espresso Capital of the country, where are all the cannoli?!" And a dream was born… So, in 2013 Kelly Cannoli ventured out into the world of Seattle festivals and farmer's markets to find all the cannoli lovers. Her very first Kelly Cannoli stand sold out in hours after having served over 200 cannoli. She was overjoyed to find so many cannoli lovers like herself living in the Seattle area and has continued to grow ever since. While still doing some occasional public events, Kelly Cannoli's main focus today is on her thriving online Cannoli Kit delivery service, catering local events and weddings and now opening her very own storefront (more info to come) so Seattle cannoli lovers know exactly where to find her. 


Kelly takes great pride in providing the absolute best tasting cannoli in Seattle and now nationwide with the online delivery service.  An authentic New York style cannoli can only be achieved by using the finest ingredients found in the Northeast US and we go out of our way to bring that deliciousness to you.  Next to ingredients, the second most important detail is in the preparation: our cannoli are filled fresh to order and filled all the way through!  Never a hollow or soggy shell!