Kelly Cannoli Lover Reviews

"Yep - Kelly has got the cannoli down pat! I've enjoyed NYC cannoli - in Little Italy. These are the best!" -Kathy D.

"Authentic NY cannoli's. Near impossible to find outside of New York. Nicely done!" -Steve K.

"Oh my goodness! What a delicious gloriousness! The cannoli was awesome and I will MOST DEFINITELY, HIGHLY recommend Kelly Cannoli. If there was room for more than 5 stars, I would give 10!" -Kathleen

"The BEST CANNOLI in the US! For the past 20 years I have traveled coast to coast regularly on business, and generally seek out local Italian Bakeries. My reference points for this review are Termini Bros in Philadelphia, Mike's in Boston, and Delaurenti in Pike Market. With these great cannoli makers as a baseline I have to say Kelly's are better. The taste like the Cannoli my Sicilian grandmother made for us as kids. If you're looking for a great Cannoli, take it from a Cannoli snob...Kelly's are worth are worth going out of your way for!" - Bob S.

"I am born and raised in the East Coast (NJ to be exact) and I have to tell you that my 15 year search for a great cannoli has ended. This is the best so far this state has to offer. I've tried them everywhere and nothing compares. Great job Kelly, you are tops in my book." - John S.

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